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Accenting Your Home with Black Granite

Accenting Your Home with Black Granite

Black granite can be used as a ground covering for landscaping in your yard, garden path or flower garden. Accenting your home with black granite has many advantages and is therefore an extremely popular option.

Garden Path

A garden path made of black granite is not only beautiful, but it is flexible in relation to design. You can lay out any shape and fill it with this material to fit your unique situation.

A black granite garden path is durable and long lasting. In addition, it is not affected by extreme heat from the sun or harsh, cold temperatures. Its dark color lends itself to encouraging snow and ice melt off when the sun comes out. The stones allow water to wick away naturally, leaving no puddling or pooling of water that could cause damage. With very little maintenance, you will enjoy the beauty of this garden path for years to come.

Black Granite Garden Path Maintenance:

  • Clear the surface of leaves, sticks and other debris
  • Treat weeds and grass with herbicide
  • Rake the surface occasionally to keep it smooth
  • Replenish with a fresh layer of granite every few of years

Black granite is also a great landscaping material, since it’s easy to maintain and can be integrated into any landscape. If you desire a sophisticated, suburban design or a rural oasis is more your speed, black granite is the perfect choice. Its natural appearance creates a lovely backdrop for your garden plants and pathways no matter the style of your home.

This material can be applied as a decorative feature around gardens or flower beds. You can use black granite anywhere you need ground cover. It can be placed in rock gardens and around trees and shrubs. It provides a deep, rich color that accents your flower garden with a dramatic style. It’s also ideal for accenting pools or decorative ponds.

Black granite is permeable in nature and lets excess moisture flow away easily without creating puddles or causing washouts. It lasts a long time since it doesn’t rot or fade. It is highly resistant to moss growth. You don’t have to worry about insects either – its texture discourages them from residing in your yard. Black granite only needs to be replenished from time to time to preserve a flawless landscape design, making it a budget-friendly option for ground coverings.

How to Install Black Granite

The area of installation must be excavated first. The depth of soil to be removed depends on the application. If you plan to use edging to corral the material, you won’t have to excavate as much soil. But, if you prefer to not have an edging, you could go as deep as 8 inches to keep the black granite from washing out with the first heavy rain.

After excavation, spread a sheet of landscape fabric to stop weeds from springing up through the granite. You can place the granite on bare soil that has been extensively weeded and compacted with a roller, however we recommend using a weed barrier between the soil and the stone.

Now, all that’s left to do is spread the black granite on the prepared area. Then, sit back and enjoy the look of your newly transformed home.

Black granite enhances the overall look of your home and can act as a show-stopper for any area outside your house. Consider this versatile product for your next outdoor project and call Wilson Blacktop for a price today.


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