• Affordable Backyard Fire Pits
    • August


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    Affordable Backyard Fire Pits

    A backyard fire pit can extend your outdoor fun late into the fall. Cool autumn evenings are a perfect match for the warm glow of a flickering fire. Almost as perfect a match as marshmallows, chocolate

  • 5 All-Natural Garden Remedies
    • June


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    5 All-Natural Garden Remedies

    Avoiding harsh chemicals in our lives has become paramount. From beauty products to lawn fertilizers, the move to more environment friendly alternatives is everywhere. And why not? Many healthy substitutions

  • 6 Mulching Mistakes to Avoid
    • May


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    6 Mulching Mistakes to Avoid

    Ahh, spring is finally here, and you’re eager to spruce up the dull, drab winter look of your landscaping. Nothing says warm weather is here to stay like a fresh layer of gorgeous mulch in your flower

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