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Fun Landscaping Ideas

Fun Landscaping Ideas

Do you look forward to enjoying your outdoor living areas, but your backyard just doesn’t elicit the peace and calm you crave? These fun landscaping ideas will help transform your bland outdoor space into a welcoming environment for reflection, play, and personal restoration. Why not dedicate some time to making your yard, deck, or patio your own refuge for outdoor relaxation? Here are some easy and affordable ideas for any outdoor space.

The Low-Maintenance Garden

Lawns and gardens are a commitment, but you’re in control of how hands-on you want to be in maintaining your environment. A little effort now can save you time, energy, and stress later. Try replacing parts of your lawn with meandering gravel or pebbled paths, hidden alcoves for quiet contemplation, and low-maintenance plantings.

If you prefer a lusher environment, but don’t want to spend your free time watering, install an inexpensive drip system. Also, laying down a layer of mulch will “clean up” the look of your yard, reduce weeds, and save you the hassle of dragging the hose around your backyard every day.

Multipurpose Greenery

Potted herbs and ornamentals soften the appearance of angular decks and patios. It will add an element of fun landscaping to an otherwise boring area. Grouping pots in varying sizes and heights adds dimension and color to transition areas. Edibles and herbs encourage you and your family to eat healthier.

Quick and Easy Water Features

The sound of trickling water soothes frayed nerves and can cover up noise pollution from outside the boundaries of your backyard refuge. Build your own self-contained water feature, or purchase an inexpensive one to improve your yard’s auditory ambiance.

Repair, Rejuvenate or Replace Yard Furniture

Does your outdoor furniture need a makeover? Touch up paint chips, replace upholstery, or simply start over using whimsically painted thrift store furniture. Sew or purchase sturdy cushions to make chairs or benches more inviting, and dress up old table umbrellas with LED light strings.

Refurbish Decks and Patios

Power wash outdoor surfaces to revitalize their appearance. If you’re not satisfied, re-stain wooden decks, and add whimsy to concrete patios with painted and sealed designs. Be sure to check wood decks and play structures for dry rot; making repairs early on can extend the life of expensive landscape structures, and help keep your family safe.

Fire Up Family Time

Campfires and roasted marshmallows aren’t the sole domain of the great outdoors. Bring your family and friends together around a portable fire chimney or in-ground fire pit. While you’re at it, encourage family “camp outs” in your backyard. Tent-life is a lot more fun when you and your kids can bring all your favorite pillows, stuffed toys, and fluffy blankets with you.

Set Up a Kids’ Garden

Encourage your young children to spend time outdoors with their own garden patch. Even if they decide to turn it into a mud pool, outdoor play areas let them experiment with nature. Everyone can have fun landscaping!

Outdoor Hideaway

Use vegetation or a folding screen to carve out a spot for quiet reading, napping, yoga or meditation. Furnish it with a comfortable chaise or hammock, and pronounce it a quiet zone. Add a weather-proof container nearby to store your yoga mat, some bottled water, and a favorite book. This will allow you to chill out on the fly, with no excuses or hindrances.

Invite Nature In

Bird feeders, bird baths, and toad houses invite friendly garden visitors in, while bat houses help keep pesky insects out. Grow a butterfly garden, or set up a nest box for orchard mason bees so you can spend lazy hours watching these beneficial pollinators do their thing.

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Thanks to solar and LED technology, no corner of your garden is too far away for some accent lighting. Creative placement of light gives your outdoor space visual depth, increases the likelihood that you’ll enjoy it late into the evening, and improves safety.

Make It Yours

Your outdoor space doesn’t have to look like cover art for a glossy lifestyle magazine. With a little imagination, you can create a visually appealing refuge where you can spend a few stolen moments or the entire weekend.

At Wilson Blacktop, we understand that our clients value low-maintenance, affordable property upgrades. This is why we offer much more than just asphalt driveways. Contact us today to learn more about our landscape materials and delivery services, and how we can help you enhance your home environment!


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  • Tyler Johnson
    May 10, 2019, 2:25 pm REPLY

    That’s a good point that having a water feature would decrease noise pollution and make your garden sound more relaxing. I live close to a somewhat busy street and it would be nice to drown some of the noise out. I’ll have to consider adding a water fountain to my backyard and see if it helps.

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