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Tips for Watering Landscaping

Tips for Watering Landscaping

You’ve worked hard designing and installing a beautiful landscape for your home, complete with an attention-grabbing focal point and plants that add interest and curb appeal. In this article, we have pulled together seven tips for watering landscaping for the best results.

Water in Early Morning

Talk to any expert gardener and they will tell you the benefits of watering in the early morning win out every time. One reason is that since the temps are at the coolest during the morning hours, the water will penetrate the soil without evaporating and get to the roots of the plant. Another benefit to early morning watering is the plants will have their daily fill of water which allows them to withstand the higher temps in the heat of the day.

Watering can pouring water


Flowers planted in containers require more frequent watering than those planted in the ground. Since the container is exposed on all sides to heat and wind, water will evaporate away from them much quicker.

3 Containers with flowers

Annuals vs. Perennials

Annuals tend to have a shallower root system than perennials, therefore they need to have the top few inches of soil moist to thrive. On the other hand, perennials have a deeper root system and will benefit from a slow, deep watering once or twice a week.

Orange and pink flowers in landscaping

Water the Dirt, Not the Plant

It is recommended to keep the foliage of your plants dry. Therefore, it is important to water the soil surrounding your plants and avoid getting water on the leaves as this promotes disease. A soaker-hose placed under the plants is a great way to give them a drink without drenching their leaves.

Garden hose soaking plants

Water Longer and Less Often

This is not always an option, as with container gardens and most annuals, but if your plants are in the ground, they will likely benefit from watering the ground until it is well saturated just once a week rather than watering lightly 3-5 times a week. This is especially true when planting trees and shrubs in your landscaping. When you do this, the water will go deep into the soil causing the plants’ roots to grow more deeply. Deep roots normally result in a healthier-sturdier plant.

Little boy watering flowers with watering can

Mulch Helps Retain Moisture

Adding a layer of 2-3 inches of mulch not only finishes off the look, but it also helps to keep the water from evaporating away. Mulch also helps snuff out weeds that are just waiting to pop up and ruin your garden. You can find a variety of quality, bulk-mulch at Wilson Blacktop and they will deliver it to your home.

Mulch in wagon with shovel next to newly mulched landscaping

Do NOT Water at Night

Watering your landscape during night hours promotes disease and can lead to root rot due to the plants’ feet soaking in water all night long. Of course, you can’t control Mother Nature and she tends to water your landscaping whenever she sees fit, but you can control when you water. Do your plants a favor and skip the nighttime drink. They will thank you by thriving.

The preceding are general tips for all plants. You should take the time to research your plants to learn their particular watering needs for the best results.

As always, contact Wilson Blacktop for a large selection of landscape materials. From gravel and topsoil to mulch and decorative stone, we have it all.


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  • Spencer Jordan
    October 14, 2020, 8:19 pm REPLY

    It’s a good point that the potted plants will need water more often so they are taken care of. My sister wants to get a new landscape water system so her garden is healthy. She needs to work with professionals to make sure there aren’t any backflow issues she needs to worry about.

  • Tyler Johnson
    December 22, 2020, 4:59 pm REPLY

    That’s interesting that watering at night can cause some issues like a disease. I wouldn’t want my flowers to get sick. I’ll have to get a pro to help me set something up to help me with the watering if I get a flower garden.

  • David Walker
    January 28, 2021, 10:05 pm REPLY

    I liked how you mentioned that you should be regularly watering your trees and plants 3 to 5 times a week. My wife and I are preparing to move to a home with a bigger yard and we were wondering how we could maintain the plants and trees. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should be watering our yard a few times a week.

  • Chris Pederson
    February 8, 2021, 9:52 pm REPLY

    Thank you so much for explaining how I can cause root rot by watering my landscape at night. The last thing I want to do is destroy the landscape I paid thousands of dollars to have. I’ll look into having professionals take care of it so that I can be sure it will be in its best shape at all times.

  • Tez
    March 9, 2021, 2:00 am REPLY

    It sounds really difficult to install a water system in your yard alone. I need to get an irrigation system laid down for the rosebed. I’ll have to consider getting a plumber to help with the installation.

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